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Google location history: how to clear and disable it

Google location history: how to clear and disable it

As we all know Google has created a very complete ecosystem with applications that allow us to access a large number of services at the expense of our privacy, since they store our data about what we buy, where we usually move, or what things we like the most. In return, the big G allows us to access all this information through services such as Google maps that not only records the places we pass through but also allows us to have a complete GPS on our mobile to go to places we do not know how to get to. Today we are going to talk about one of the Google services related to our daily movement, the Google location history, which we are going to explain how to delete and deactivate it.

What is Google location history?

The Google location history It registers all the places where we go through the GPS of our smartphone, where the coordinates of our workplace or our home are registered. This function is very practical since it allows us to know where we have parked the car if we have forgotten or to know where we were this same day 1 year ago, which generates a record that we can consult and also delete.

How to access Google’s location history?

We can easily access our Google location history both from our pc and from our Android terminal by accessing Google Maps in the menu on the top left and entering the section «Your Chronology» It will allow us to select the day, month and year to know where we were on a specific date.

How to clear Google location history

To erase our Google location history All we have to do is once inside our chronology, click on the trash can icon located at the bottom, mark the confirmation check in the window that appears and confirm the deletion of our history.

How to turn off Google location history

We not only have the option to delete our Googl location historye but we can also deactivate it so that the big G cannot know where we are at all times, and the steps to deactivate it are the following:

  1. Within Google Maps we access the option «Settings»

2. Within settings, we will “Google location settings”

3. Within “Google location settings” we deactivate it so that applications cannot access our location

4. Once inside the google app history we unlink it from our account Gmail

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