Google Pixel 3XL / Pixel 3: this would be the official designs of both phones

A recent photo of possible screen protectors that will carry the new generation of mobile devices from Google, we talk about the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL, now thanks to PhoneArenaWe have the first image shown, which is a prototype that shows us the final designs that both mobile devices could carry. It can be seen that the XL version is the one that has a notch, which shows a mobile with very reduced frames, in said notch the earpiece, a double front camera and the notification LED would be present, in the lower frame you can observe a speaker, this detail is characteristic of Google mobiles.

The normal version would not have the one loved and hated at the same time, notch, as this seems to have a design very similar to the Pixel 2 XLExcept for the presence of the dual rear camera, the side frames on this possible Pixel 3 are extremely thin. As you already know, Android P will have support for the presence of a notch, so this was already a warning of this new detail in the XL version.

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The latest rumors have indicated that both teams will carry screens with OLED technology, and the normal version would have the aspect ratio of 18: 9, while for the XL version we will have an aspect ratio of 19: 9. Despite the errors that the LG screens that the ancestors of this wore, Google It seems to have hired the Korean firm again to manufacture its screens, so far that is all the leaked information. All the most current information, you can find it here at SolucionesWindroid!

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