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Google sets standards for the notch and advises developers to work on it

If there is something within the technology sector (specifically in Android) that has been debated until now since its arrival, it is the notch, the small eyebrow normally located horizontally at the top. Despite all the “advantages and disadvantages”, this is already a reality, Google has just imposed some rules for the use of notches andn phones with Android operating system.

Today the Mountain View-based company has imposed several rules to keep the notch from going out of line. Google says that Android apps should work in such a way that the status bar (higher) resize to reach the highest point of the notch, being able to reach the content up to the notch.

Another one is that when placing the phone / tablet in landscape mode, the notch should not interfere with the contentFor this there are two ways to do it: the lateral parts of the notch must be darkened, or the applications can take advantage of the small space that remains for some function or content. The last and probably the most interesting is that the limit of notches allowed is two, eliminating any possibility of adding more eyebrows (and possibly holes).

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Those are the rules that phone manufacturers must follow if they want to include Google and Play Store services for their devices. In the case of the developers, give a warning to start working on the notch; gave a series of recommendations so that they adapt their applications to the notch. In the beta of Android P it is already possible to simulate a notch, which could mean that the company wants to prepare everything for the future launch of its Google Pixels.

Do you like the new rules?