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Google Stadia Pro: May 2021 free games revealed

Google Stadia Pro: May 2021 free games revealed

Google Stadia will offer new content for free starting May 1st. Here are some of those announced along with the titles that will leave the

With the arrival of a new month just around the corner, major companies like Sony, Google And Microsoft, respectively through PlayStation, Stadia And Xbox, they cyclically release some titles in a totally free form. Also the month of May will not miss this appointment, and the American giant of Google is preparing to add many new games within its catalog.

Starting fromMay 1, subscribers to the service of Google Stadia Pro will receive the following titles for free: Trine 4 – The Nightmare Prince; Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number; Floor Kids and more. More than 25 games are now ready to be claimed, plus the announcement of a further title not yet confirmed, always for subscribers to the Pro service. However, if new games are ready to land, unfortunately as many will leave the game-streaming service. .

Starting from 30 April we will therefore have to say goodbye to SteamWorld Heist; El Hijo; Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light; Enter the Gungeon. Just redeem them for free before this date to be able to add them to the library and enjoy them as long as the subscription service remains active.

Also starting May 1st, Stadia players will be able to try the limited-time Resident Evil Village demo. The Dimitrescu Castle will be accessible for the duration of 60 minutes in which we will be enveloped by the pure terror of the setting and we will have the opportunity to taste some of the elements that the work of Capcom will have to offer. Also in this case the time to be able to play it is unfortunately limited. The demo will in fact be available until 5:00 pm on Sunday 9 May.

We also report that subscribers to the Google Stadia Pro service will be able to save and have various discounts on games such as FIFA 21, GRID, Far Cry New Dawn and many others that you can find in the Stadia store.

Furthermore, Legend of Keepers: Career of a Dungeon Manager will arrive on Stadia this Thursday at a cost of $ 19.99, while it is available now State Share in Serious Sam 4. The latter has indeed received a new update that adds such support, allowing players to create new game states once the Survival game mode round is over.