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Google to acquire LogMeIn’s Xively for $50 million

Apparently Google has reached an agreement to acquire the platform, it has confirmed its interest in managing the business market in the case of Xively, a division of LogMeIn which will now be part of the company. The merger or acquisition will result in LogMeIn joining the Google Cloud, which helps them in “deep IoT technology and engineering expertise”.

Our customers will benefit from Xively’s extensive feature set and flexible device management platform, along with the security and scale of Google Cloud. With Google Cloud’s deep leadership in data analytics and machine learning, our customers will also be in a unique position to develop turnkey IoT solutions and focus on creating business value.

The service will be fully managed, thanks to which it is expected that approximately 20 billion devices will be connected and working by the year 2020. Google has Cloud IoT Core in which it processes data from connected devices, after this agreement both parties will benefit, on the one hand Google because it will accelerate its timeline to have a well-managed and connected business for its customers.

As Google says With its tool Google Cloud Platform you can build and host apps and websites, store data, and analyze it on Google’s scalable infrastructure. basically one platform that has brought together all the applications that Google was offering separately and has made a very interesting one.

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We hope to see how this tool works and benefits for the future, especially for companies and their projects that will really be useful, it will work more efficiently.

What do you think of this agreement between these two companies?


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