Hideo Kojima and Microsoft: the agreement is close for a well-known insider

Insider Jeff Grubb recently said that the alleged deal between Microsoft / Xbox and Hideo Kojima is close to being closed.

In recent weeks, various rumors have been recurring that the new game of Hideo Kojima it could be aMicrosoft exclusive.

According to what was reported by the insider Jeff Grubb by VentureBeat, a source very close to the developer, the Japanese author would be in talks with Microsoft for the creation of a title triple A. Grubb himself, in fact, stated that the statue of Kojima Productions, spotted on the shelf of Phil Spencer earlier this year, it was a reference to that.

In the last few hours, the aforementioned Jeff Grubb has returned to the subject, adding to the dose. In fact, Grubb not only continued to emphasize the fact that Kojima will produce a title exclusively for Microsoft and the Xbox ecosystem but that this agreement is getting closer and closer.

This indiscretion was brought to the attention of the public during a live broadcast on the insider’s official Youtube channel. You can find the live in question at the beginning of the article.

Various rumors have followed on this alleged agreement between Microsoft and Hideo Kojima, but currently there is still nothing concrete. In a recent episode of the Xbox Era podcast, insider Shpeshal_Ed stated that Kojima Productions would originally turn to Sony for produce their next game. Sony, however, seems not to be satisfied with the commercial performance of Death Stranding and, as a consequence of this, he would have refused to produce Kojima’s new opera.

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The latter aspect, however, would not reconcile with the recent announcement of the Director’s Cut of Death Stranding, announced during this year’s Summer Game Fest. In short, the question is becoming more and more intricate by the day, and certainly do not help the speculation about Abandoned, an exclusive Sony title that according to some theories could be secretly the new Silent Hill produced by Kojima.

If in the future of Hideo Kojima there will really be Xbox, we will only know in the coming weeks, pending official statements or announcements.