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Hold The Dark – Review of the Netflix film based on the novel by William Giraldi

Hold The Dark – Review of the Netflix film based on the novel by William Giraldi

During the month of September anyone with a subscription to the Netflix Streaming platform could not fail to notice the arrival of a …

During the month of September, anyone with a subscription to the Streaming platform Netflix he could not fail to notice the arrival of a feature film, exclusive to the platform, of about 2 hours from the title Hold The Dark. This Thriller movie, based on the novel of the same name William Giraldiwas directed by the director Jeremy Saulnier and brings actors such as Jeffrey Wright, Alexander Skarsgård, Riley Keoughe and James Badge Dale to the screen.The story narrated in the film is set in cold Alaska. In this place a woman, Medora Sloane -interpreted by the talented Riley Keough – following the mysterious death of her son, she calls an expert in the behavior of wolves, and “hires” him to find and kill the animal that took her child away. However, history begins to change and take on dark tinges when this expert, Russell Core (interpreted by Jeffrey Wright), discovers the body of the aforementioned child. Meanwhile, her husband’s return home from the war Medorasuch Vernon Sloane (interpreted by Alexander Skarsgård), will further complicate and deepen the matter.

The feature film looks like a darkly hued Thriller and sets itself the task of telling an intricate story which, unfortunately (already very early in the film), seems to have no rhyme or reason. Although the film defines a plot that seems to revolve all around the death of a child, in practice the situation turns out to be more complicated. The story is told through long and slow shots and sequence shots, sparse and – in some cases – inconclusive dialogues. Sometimes it happens through Flashbacks, which often only make the concept you want to represent more difficult to digest.

Although in many films often the interpretation of the actors manages to save a large part of the film making it more engaging, this time it is not so. In fact, the interpretations of the actors involved, such as Jeffrey Wright And Alexander Skarsgårdare really excellent, but in this film most of the involvement should come from the setting and the story told, which is intricate to the point of being heavy and in some ways even obvious.

The two-hour duration of the film is articulated between moments of tension, fight scenes and moments of reflection between the characters (who should offer a point of view on their background and on the various relationships that are created as the story goes on. ). An honorable mention, however, goes to the effects of the feature film, really very realistic, also the result of a good dose of the visual effect linked to the sound component. The soundtrack of the film is suitable and coherent with the various situations that are represented, especially in moments of tension the audio sector gives its best.

In conclusion, the film in and of itself turns out to be slow and at times inconclusive, with sparse dialogues and at times also without a specific purpose. Speaking of the story, the basic idea could really be a ground on which to grow an excellent film, but the setting chosen to tell the story is often unsuitable and causes the viewer to lose in a massive amount of material which, unfortunately, does not find a definitive solution.

Fortunately, everything is supported in part by the excellent interpretation of the various faces who worked on the film. While (on the other hand) the solidity of the story is given by the soundtrack and by the graphic effects that in the feature film make their considerable weight felt. Unfortunately, however, these two strengths are not enough to support a film that, in addition to being a Thriller, also pretends to emulate an art work setting, which, however, cannot be such only through “particular” shots, rhythms lenses and dialogue reduced to the bone.