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HOT NEWS: PlayStation Network is back to normal!

HOT NEWS: PlayStation Network is back to normal!

Update 2

It is reported that after more than 10 hours of being out of service, PlayStation Network and all its infrastructure is back to normal operation. There is still no official information from the company regarding the failures, but for now the servers have been restored and users can access online games without any problem.

The only information that PlayStation communicated was through its Twitter account, where it thanked its users for their patience and asked them to remain pending for compensation in both PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now and in video rentals for those who were affected.

Thanks for your patience today – stay tuned for details on PS Plus, PS Now, and video rental extensions.

— PlayStation (@PlayStation) January 5, 2016


Users began to report that when they manage to access the official PlayStation page or, failing that, any of its services, a message is displayed specifying that the servers will remain with problems at least until Thursday, January 7 at 07:00 GMT. At the moment, the company has not given any official report in this regard, and it is unknown if said message will take effect in the designated time, or if they will be able to restore services before said date.

original story

Maybe the PlayStation Network has not suffered from any attack in Christmas, but that has not prevented it from ending up suffering from serious problems. For a few moments it has been reported that the online platform of Sony it is completely inaccessible until new. Starting today morning, various users began to report various problems with the online platform of PlayStation, which as the day progressed became more and more aggravated. Though Sony attended to the problem at the time, it ended up worsening to such an extent that at this precise moment it is totally inaccessible in every way; from the ps store even the online modes of the games on all their consoles (PS3, PS4 and PS Vita) are completely out of service. For now PlayStationHe declared that he is already attending the case to give him a prompt solution. However, she has reserved comments about the time it will take to resolve it or the seriousness of the problems. In any case, we will keep you informed about the moment in which the service is restored.

We’re aware that some users are having trouble accessing PSN. Thanks for your patience as we investigate. https://t.co/8hMUSl2cCe

— Ask PlayStation (@AskPlayStation) January 4, 2016