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How to download Instagram photos to PC

A social network focused on photos

Surely everyone already knows instagramthe famous social network focused on share photos and videos short-lived that has spread throughout the world and has undergone major redesigns and changes since it was acquired by Facebook in 2012.

Instagram gained so much fame in part because of how comfortable it is to share people’s moments and experiences no matter what it is or the moment, since with a quick photo or video you can make a history so that your followers can see it during the next 24 hours, thus having a perfect formula for creating content and/or advertising usable by any person or brand.

You can also create posts, which are images that then remain attached to your profile and that could be presented as a story, but permanent, for photos more worked and less spontaneous that you want them to stay there. Finally, we have also added the Reelswhich are like short videos similar to those of TikTokprobably in response to the recent success of that platform.

Thus, Instagram stands out for center its functionalities around those two concepts mainly, all focused on images or short videos. Precisely for this reason, being a social network focused on the dissemination of images, it may surprise us that a download option does not appear when we see photos from the application, or when we right-click on an image on the web We do not see the option to download the image as if it appears to us with all the other web pages. And that is not the only limitation that Instagram places, for example, we cannot put links in the publications we make or correctly download our own Reels.

But that It does not mean that it is impossible to download the imagesLikewise, you can always resort to screenshots if for something we need to get a photo from anywhere, or use one of the thousands of websites that offer downloading images from Instagram. but youThere is also another very easy way that we can use to download images from Instagram without having to resort to external websites full of ads that often do not work, which we can use even if we have deleted our Instagram account or we are not logged in in our computer’s browser and that will allow us to obtain the original image uploaded to the social network.

How to download photos from Instagram step by step

To use this Instagram image download method we do not need any program or account nowhere, but It will only serve to download images from posts, if we want to download stories we will have to follow the steps in our other guide.

  1. Locate the image we want to download. This step is obvious, since if we want to download an image from Instagram, the first thing will be find the image on the social network, either through Google or the application’s own search engine. In our case we have entered the profile of the account from which we want to take the image.

  2. Open the image. The next thing will be to click on the image that we want to download so open post viewor click on the option three dots and there in the option “go to post” if we are in another type of interface. If we do not have an Instagram account or we are not logged in, it will ask us log into avoid it we can do Right click on the image and open it in a new tab to get to the same place without having to register an account.

  3. Edit the link of the web page. Now we will have to edit the Instagram photo link in order to open the image in a specific way to download it. We will have to do this by adding the following to the end of the link: “/media/?size=l” (the letter at the end is a lowercase L) but without the quotes. So in our case we would go from having the link “https://www.instagram.com/p/CmPisXJP7ve” to having “https://www.instagram.com/p/CmPisXJP7ve/media/?size=l” to download the photo.

    It is important to see that the link has that structure, since depending on where we access it, a slightly longer link may appear, and the addition must always go after the “/p/codigodelafoto/” in order to work.

  4. Download the photo. If we have performed the previous steps correctly, we should appear on a new web page by editing the link and going to that new address. On that page we will have only the previous photo and if we right click on it, this time Yes, the option to download and copy the image will appear.

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