How to easily download YouTube videos to your iPhone

There are times we want to download a YouTube video or audio. With a simple shortcut, you can do it from your iPhone. We tell you below how to do it in a way easy and fast.

You can download YouTube videos on your iPhone with a shortcut

Years ago, Apple added shortcuts in its operating system so that each one, to their liking, designed a shortcut for the device to perform tasks automatically. It would be like a very simple home programming so that everyone can understand and use it easily. In addition, there are websites where users upload their own shortcuts so that anyone interested can take advantage of it.

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How to easily download YouTube videos to your iPhone

With the shortcut that we are going to teach you, you can download videos and audios at the quality you want from YouTube. The user creating the script is @ net00 and it is available to everyone on RoutineHub. In order to use it, you must first accept the installation of rogue shortcuts. This is to be able to download and install the script mentioned above. To do this you must go to the settings of your iPhone, enter Shortcuts and activate Rogue shortcuts.

Here you can download the shortcut to install it, and then you will find it as a card in the Shortcuts application with the name YTScript. Once done, you must go to the YouTube application, find the video you want to download on your iPhone and hit the share button. Among the options that will appear, you give “more” and search YTScript. After this, you must choose what you want to download (video or sound) and what quality. Now it will ask you where to save the video or audio, that will be up to you.

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How to easily download YouTube videos to your iPhone

As you can see, it is very easy to download YouTube videos on your iPhone or iPad. Once you download and install the script for the shortcuts, you will always have the option to use YTScript. Since Apple introduced shortcuts, the use of the iPhone or iPad has changed a lot. Thanks to this script, you don’t have to download any third-party application, with the risks that this entails.

Therefore, downloading YouTube videos or audio with your iPhone is very simple and safe with the YTScript shortcut. So you can have music on your device in case you ever run out of internet and can’t use Spotify or Apple Music. With the great memory that mobile phones now have, you can have music through a tube.

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