When it comes to improving your PC in some way, sometimes it’s worth trying simple tweaks. This is the case of a recently discovered method that allows you to make the Microsoft Surface tablet more responsive to touch simply by modifying the Windows 8 registry.

The discovery appeared on the XDA Developers Forum by user tamarasu and involves modifying a registry key. So far, many people have found that the adjustment works and is easy to do. If you want to try, here is the step by step:


1. On the home screen, search for regedit, right-click and click or tap Execute as an administrator from the application command.

2. Find the following registry key:


3. Change the Latency value (DWORD) from 8 to two.

4. Change the SampleTime value (DWORD) from 8 to two.

5. Reboot the surface and test.

Attention: Although this method is not particularly difficult to do, editing the Windows Registry can sometimes be complicated and harmful to your computer. Before making any changes, be sure to backup the registry and/or take a full backup of your Surface.

Keep in mind that Microsoft has spent countless hours adjusting its tablet, and while the community finds that adjusting actually helps increase touch responsiveness, it can also affect the device’s battery life, even more so for users. as XDA forum member GooDayToDie points out “The system should search the touch screen more frequently.”

If it works for you too, let us know in the comments, we’d love to know. And I’m also curious to see how it works with any touch device running Windows 8; That would be something really interesting.

Source XDA Developers Forum | Microsoft header image

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