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How to make Amazon always deliver your orders on time?

How to make Amazon always deliver your orders on time?

Due to the complicated circumstances of this year, digital shopping has become a more common practice. Thus, Amazon It has become the online store of choice for many people. Nevertheless, some still have a couple of doubts regarding delivery times. To answer your questions in this regard, we present you with a guide that will be very useful.

To begin, it is important to mention that Amazon will always deliver your order, the only thing that may vary is the delivery date. In the event that you want to get a fair game on launch day, sometimes you will have to change the shipping speed of the package. However, it is important to mention that in some cases this is not necessary.

Let’s take Cyberpunk 2077 for example. By ordering the game on Amazon several months in advance, it is highly likely that the title will arrive at your home just in time for its release. Nevertheless, in some occasions, the site will indicate that its delivery will take place between three or four business days. In this way, it will be necessary to go to “My orders” -> Select “Order details” ->

Find the option of “Shipping Speed” ->

Change the period to one day and voila. This applies regardless of whether or not you have pre-ordered a title.

In some cases, this option will not be available until a day or several hours before its launch. Similarly, it is important to consider that It is necessary to have Amazon Prime to receive your orders one day after being ordered. On the other hand, the option may not be enabled depending on the number of units available, something that happened with the launch of the new consoles last month.

We hope that this little guide will be of help to you, and in this way you can get all your games on launch day, without the need to go to a physical store.