It may have been a while since you last used a standalone MP3 player. Most of us now stream our music through services like Spotify or Apple Music rather than maintaining a physical or digital music collection. But having one of the best mp3 players It feels so nostalgic. It has no comparison.

Plus, our smartphones aren’t always the best way to listen to music. Battery life, data allowance, and screen time restrictions all affect our music playback. If you are looking for a standalone device to listen to music, we can help you.

The best MP3 players

Here are the best MP3 players you can buy today for all budgets.

1Sony Walkman

Sony was one of the creators of personal audio with its Walkman CD players and cassettes. Although never as popular as the ubiquitous iPod, Sony Walkman MP3 players still offer a Great value for the price. The Sony Walkman NW-ZX300 is also one of the best MP3 players for audiophiles.

The NW-ZX300 weighs 157g, has a 30-hour battery life and charges in 5.5 hours. It also runs the specially designed Original Sony operating system, rather than a mobile operating system like Android or iOS. The device supports a wide selection of file formats, including Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) files, and can even upscaling your compressed audio files thanks to a feature called DSEE HX.


  • 64GB of built-in storage can be expanded via microSD card
  • Sony LDAC delivers wireless audio at three times the speed of standard Bluetooth


  • An expensive option with limited onboard storage
  • Practical but industrial design

Sony NWA55L – Walkman Audio Player (16 GB, Hi-Res Audio, DSD, DSEE HX, S-Master HX, NFC, Noise Canceling Digital, Touch Screen) black* Authentic hi-res sound; Up to 45 hours of playback (mp3 128kbps); 16GB internal memory and 1 SD slot

2Apple iPod Touch

Although Apple has discontinued the legendary iPod Classic, the Yo256GB PodTouch He is a worthy successor. That said, the iPod Touch barely resembles the comparatively basic iPod Classic. The Touch is more like an iPhone without the cellular connection. It has access to the App Store, runs Apple’s iOS mobile operating system, and comes with apps like Apple Music pre-installeds. You can also upload your own music through iTunes.

Unlike many standalone MP3 players, the iPod Touch It has an 8MP main camera with a 1.2MP front camera. While you can only access the Internet over Wi-Fi, the most significant difference between the iPhone and iPod Touch is the price. You’d pay almost twice as much for the equivalent amount of storage on an iPhone.


  • Supports high-resolution audio formats such as FLAC and linear PCM
  • Access to iPhone apps through the App Store


  • Very similar to an iPhone but without mobile connectivity

Apple iPod Touch (256GB) – Pink (Latest…


Apple iPod Touch (256GB) – Space Gray…


Apple iPod Touch (256GB) – Gold (Latest…


3Soulcker 16GB MP3 Player

In their heyday, cheap MP3 players lacked features or storage space, but not anymore. The Soulcker 16GB MP3 Player It is an affordable optionbut packed with features.

This 16GB MP3 player supports microSD cards so you can expand your storage up to an additional 128GB. It also has a Bluetooth 4.0 connectionmaking it easy to connect to your favorite Bluetooth headphones and speakers.

The device supports all major audio file formats; MP3, WAV, WMA, APE, FLAC and AAC. There is a built-in speaker, an FM radio, e-book support, a 2.4-inch color screen, and a voice recorder. It even offers 55 hours of playback on a two-hour charge.


  • Support for MP3, WAV, WMA, APE, FLAC and AAC
  • Includes a pedometer app
  • Bluetooth 4.0 for wireless headphones and speakers


  • You can only create three playlists on the device
  • Users report many small errors that cannot be fixed in the software

Soulcker – MP3 Player (16GB)*

4HiBy R3 Pro

MP3 was initially designed for compress audio into smaller files, making them suitable for low storage devices. However, with portable devices now typically starting with comparatively large 32GB editions, it is possible to carry high-resolution audio in your pocket.

The HiBy R3 Pro is a multifunctional music player that supports a wide range of formats and even integrates with the Tidal streaming service. The device comes with a 1,600 mAh rechargeable battery that will last between 16 and 20 hoursdepending on its use.


  • Support for Tidal streaming service
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Battery life up to 20 hours


  • It doesn’t have onboard storage, so you have to use a microSD card

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5Mighty Vibe

You may not want to give your children something that is easy to damage or expensive. If you’re looking for an affordable yet durable MP3 player, the Mighty Vibe is a great option. The device is the spiritual successor to the discontinued iPod Shuffle, but it has one key difference; Spotify. Mighty Vibe allows you to download up to 1,000 tracks from Spotify or Amazon Music pTo listen on your device, without your phone.

This makes it the perfect MP3 player for kids; Download your favorite Spotify playlist to your device and you can listen for up to five hours on a single charge using wired or wireless headphones.


  • Works with music and podcasts
  • Shuffle Playback
  • Resistant to water and falls


  • Spotify and Amazon Music features require premium subscriptions
  • Relatively short battery life of 5 hours

Mighty Vibe Spotify Music Player…


Mighty Vibe Spotify and Amazon Music Player -…


Mighty Vibe Spotify Music Player…





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