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Human: Fall Flat – No Brakes Games puzzle game review

Human: Fall Flat – No Brakes Games puzzle game review

Developed by No Brakes Games and published by Curve Digital, Human: Fall Flat arrived for the first time on the PC market in 2016. For a few months, …

Developed by No Brakes Games and published by Curve Digital, Human: Fall Flat it first arrived on the PC market in 2016. For a few months now, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users have also been able to play this particular puzzle game. We tested the PS4 version for you. This is not a complicated title in its mechanics to play, but very demanding in terms of the use of imagination. But let’s analyze this title in more detail.

The world of Human: Fall Flat

Human: Fall Flat literally makes us fall into the dreams of Bob, the protagonist of these bizarre adventures. The various levels are in fact the result of the imagination of man, a builder represented here as a little white and gelatinous man, completely devoid of particular abilities or physical connotations. What Bob does best in his dreams is to fall. Moving awkwardly around the map we will be able to admire landscapes with low polygonal density, but still very suggestive, thanks not only to the minimalist and slightly abstract design, but also to the splendid music that accompanies us.

This world is dominated by very well-studied game physics, at the base of every puzzle that we will find ourselves solving. Each time we come to the head of a puzzle we will be able to advance to the exit of the scheme and let ourselves fall into the void towards the next level. The sensation is precisely that of being suspended in a dream world, full of imagination and tremendously slow.

One puzzle after another

Although it does not have an underlying texture, Human: Fall Flat exactly reflects the genre to which it belongs. During the game we will not have to do is understand how to cross the environment in which we find ourselves, operating levers or moving objects. To do this, however, we will not be able to rely on Bob’s athletic abilities, who has absolutely nothing athletic. Slow and clumsy, all our can do is resort to our capacity for imagination, the only way to use the game elements in a functional way.

We will have to understand which levers to operate, how to position boards and boxes, or simply choose the path that seems best to us. The system, in most cases, offers multiple solutions for the same problem. Other times to go from one point to another we will simply have to break a glass with a fire extinguisher, or activate a catapult to knock down a wall. All this we will have to do taking into account the game physics, the real key to solving the puzzles.

Give me a lever …

As mentioned, boggart Bob lacks athletic ability, so he is unable to jump very high or run. However, he can count on the excellent work done by No Brakes Games with regards to game physics. Human: Fall Flat it is in fact based on the use of the same to give life to the apparently static world of the title. Obviously, Bob also has to comply with the laws imposed by the developers, so it will be common to find ourselves sprawled on the ground or having to tinker with an object for a long time before being able to take it where we want.

The strength of this title is precisely the interaction that the player himself must undertake to complete the scheme. Once the solution is obtained, the sense of satisfaction is high, precisely because it was we who made it possible, with our ingenuity. Conversely, this same aspect sometimes leads to a long series of unsuccessful attempts, which could long time exasperate the player, before discovering that the solution was right under our noses.

Custom style

You will have understood that Human: Fall Flats continually appeals to the use of the brain. Hence the possibility of finding the most varied solutions for a single problem, guaranteeing us to approach the title by adopting our very personal style. Sometimes creating complicated systems of levers and footpegs could be ineffective; so why not resort to the hard way and destroy a wall, or maybe just let us plummet down? To make our in-game experience unique, there is also Bob’s customization function. If we get tired of seeing his white and bobbing figure, we can in fact change his color and spruce him up with various sets of very funny costumes, including that of a dog, a pirate, a knight, a policeman and many others.

Challenging, perhaps too much

The game of No Brakes Games it is by no means trivial and guarantees a degree of challenge that makes reaching the finish line really satisfying, level after level. Unfortunately, a sore point must be noted in this regard. The schemes are obviously of increasing difficulty, which is great for not falling into monotony, but after a few hours of play we will realize how deadly long some passages are. To complicate everything are added the movements of the protagonist, slow and clumsy. The sum of these last two elements often led us, during the test, to pause the game to catch our breath and return to the frenetic real world.

To make the game less boring and more enjoyable, we can however rely on online multiplayer, which allows up to 8 participants to collaborate in the search for the solution. Surprisingly, the users who participate in online games are many, a sign that all in all the title has found positive feedback from users. Multiplayer is fun, even if you are often more afraid of pushing each other through the ravines rather than searching for the key to the puzzle.

In conclusion Human: Fall Flat deserves attention, but does not shine with variety of gameplay and game rhythms. If you love crazy challenges, however, it is highly recommended: dedicating the right time to it, it will certainly satisfy your need for puzzles, against the backdrop of suggestive landscapes and atmospheres. You can find it on PlayStation Store at a price of € 14.99.