ICBF proposes to parents not to give cell phones to children under fourteen years of age

This in order to prevent dangers that they may face on the Internet.

Cristina Plazas, Director of the ICBF, was as a guest this Friday on La Nube to talk about the initiative so that parents do not give smartphones to children under fourteen years of age, a proposal that has generated much criticism.

Given this, the director explained the reasons for her idea and what was based on it.

“The first thing is that it is parents do not know what risks our children face when they are surfing the InternetThat is why the call we make to them is for them to be that first line of defense, are updated with what is happening today and minors are not at risk”, He explained.

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To support the argument of this initiative, Plazas stressed that “in Colombia seven out of 10 adults report that they do not accompany their children or dependents under 18 when they surf the Internet”, Figure that the director of ICBF she sees with concern, because according to her This shows that mothers and fathers are not aware of the dangers and therefore do not study the measures to avoid it.

Finally, Cristina advised the guardians be fins with these kinds of situations, because every day they know more cases of minors victims of sexual harassers.

Young people go faster than parents, that is why the latter must be updated, because every day at the Institute we know a new case of sexting, grooming, cyberbullying, among others”, He concluded.

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