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Images of Samsung’s Android GO phone show use of Samsung Experience

Samsung has become one of the most popular manufacturers, however it has not yet released any phones with Android Go. More and more phone companies are committed to developing a mobile with Android Go within everyone’s reach. Previous days they talked about the development of the Samsung’s first phone and today it has been confirmed with an unexpected feature.

The mobile that Samsung works on will use Samsung Experience and not Android Stock as had been rumored. Today images of what will be the Samsung phone have been leaked, in them we can see the system Android Go supposedly under the manufacturer’s customization layer. When rumors of the low-end phone began to circulate it was thought that there would be a change related to the operating system.

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At first they talked about the integration of Android Pure and without the manufacturer’s customization layer called Samsung Experience. In the images we can see Samsung’s characteristic launcher along with some of Google’s Go applications. The virtual navigation buttons have been replaced by the usual ones. We can also see that the device runs Android 8.1.0.

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There are no details of its specifications. Its screen is of conventional ratio 16: 9, we can see that it is a small terminal, so we can expect a size of screen smaller than 5.5 inches. The source of the images has not provided data or dates, we hope to have information from the South Korean manufacturer soon. We must wait to see how the Samsung layer works in this version of Android to know if it affects this integration or not.

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Do you think it is a good idea to combine Samsung Experience with Android Go?