Insomniac explains why they changed Peter Parker’s face in PS5’s Spider-Man

James Ham, senior animator for Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales:

“It’s different in the sense that we have more expression with this face, because we wanted it to fit Yuri better. , the voice actor. We can achieve those expressions with a higher level of fidelity thanks to the animations that PS5 allows us, especially at 60fps. You can see all the fidelity in Peter’s face and appreciate his expressions a little more.

Gavin Goulder, Marvel’s Spider-Man Art Director: Miles Morales

“No, I would say no. The decision is based solely on technical reasons to conform to Yuri’s interpretation and the new 40 Rig technology we have to perform motion capture with greater precision. This decision was made to have more realistic interpretations. and credible in the game. I am very convinced of this, that the decision has been thinking about the results we obtain in the game “.

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The face change is due to several reasons. We wanted to show the passage of time from the very first game – he’s been training to be Spider-Man, he’s moved to a new neighborhood, and he’s starting to become himself. This also means growing up: different tastes in your life, different ways of dressing, different haircuts … You know, the usual in teenagers. And when it comes to technical aspects, we have new techniques for creating hair; Instead of using Alpha Cards, as we did in the previous generation, with PS5 we can use spline-based geometry, with which we get higher quality hair assets. So we have better shading, more detail, and cleaner looking models. “

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Bill Rosemann, Vice President and Chief Creative Officer, Marvel Games

“We have great faith in our audience. You know, the audience is us. I’ve experienced seeing different actors playing different characters. And in comics, it’s normal to constantly switch artists to draw different stories. So I’m very used to seeing our characters with different aspects, always maintaining a consistency; the period may be a bit different, but you know it’s Peter Parker. It all has to do with the consistency of the character. And I think people are comfortable with the changes in the same way that they are in other media. “

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