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Instagram now allows you to send your broadcasts live as a direct message

Instagram now allows you to send your broadcasts live as a direct message

Instagram keeps updating its folder of tools for its application, now, the latest update allows you to share your videos live in the direct messages section.

This makes it easier for you to notify your friends when you are online.

Following the update, where you can follow the hashtags, Instagram added a new feature for live videos. Now you could see the icon to Direct Messages when you are recording a live video and with a simple tap, you can share your live video with your friends and followers.

How does this new feature work?

The company explained in its statement that your friends and followers will be able to see the video if you are still live and on the other hand, when your broadcast ends, they will see a message indicating that the video session has ended.

Your viewers will be able to share the video in the same way by tapping on the Direct icon at the bottom of the screen. As always, you can disable the option to send your videos live in Direct in the configuration of your stories.

If you have a private account, Instagram assures us that only your followers can see your videos live.

Recent updates

Now you can follow Hashtags on Instagram, not just people.

December 12,2017: With the latest update, you can follow hashtags in addition to Instagram accounts. As the company explains, hashtag tracking is like following a friend.

Search for a topic that is of interest to you or tap on any hashtag you see, and in the main part of the results page, you will see a button to follow. If you follow, for example #Android, you will see the most relevant posts of that hashtag in your feed and your story bar. In the same way you will be able to unfollow the hashtags.

Save and bookmark your favorite stories

December 5,2017: Previously, it was difficult to save your stories past 24 hours, but now, Instagram automatically archives all your stories automatically. To view any of your saved stories, just go to the archive icon on your profile, you will see a new archive of your stories alongside your archived posts, with your most recent stories at the bottom of the grid.