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Instagram Threads activates momentarily ahead of time

It seems that Instagram Threads is almost ready to go into the public eye, but as expected, everything has a release date to respect. However, as we can see on Twitter, it seems that the website has been active for a few hours before its official launch, at which time several users have been able to access, for example, Mark Zuckerberg’s profile.

For now you can see how the interface matches what we could expect from a Twitter replacement, although with the classic interface that would characterize Meta products, just like Instagram, thus making all the sense in the world.

If we access Mark Zuckerberg’s profile right now, We will find an error message identical to the one we would find on Instagramsomething that completely confirms the fact that it is a design completely derived from that of Instagram, but with the pertinent changes to make it a new social network.

Finally, if we access this link, we find a page dedicated to downloading the applications for this new social network, being able to reserve the iOS application now, but without being able to access anything that has to do with the Android application.

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