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iOS 13 / Android Q: both OS affect our location’s access to Facebook

iOS 13 / Android Q: both OS affect our location’s access to Facebook

So much iOS 13 What Android Q will begin to expand very soon, some users already have the most current versions of the operating systems of Apple and Google updating their mobiles manually.

In each higher version manufacturers look for improve security of your operating system in order to give the best experience to the user without the personal data of this being violated, for that reason now Facebook you will have some complications in accessing the location of users, or at least it ensures it in a report.

Facebook states that users of Android 10 Q now they have more visibility and control in reference to when different applications try to access the precise location marked by the phone; With this version of the operating system the user has the option of allowing individual applications to access the location, even if it is not in use.

To address this issue, Facebook will continue to honor your most restrictive configuration option. For example, if your device’s location settings are set to ‘all the time’, but your Facebook background location settings are disabled, we will not collect your precise location information when you are not using the Facebook application; revealed Paul McDonald, Director of Engineering for Facebook’s Location Platform.

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While in the case of iOS 13, The user will receive reminders from time to time when the applications require access to the user’s location, they will even be able to know the number of times that Facebook you have used this location function. Users of iOS 13 They will have to decide between 3 options to give you location access: always, only when in use, or never.

If you decide to upgrade to iOS 13, you will see an additional option called ‘allow once’, which allows an application to access your device’s precise location information only once. You control who sees your location on Facebook. You can control whether your device shares accurate location information with Facebook through Location Services, a setting on your phone or tablet; it is possible to read in the statement.