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Is Bloodborne Remastered out on PS5 and PC by the end of 2020?

Is Bloodborne Remastered out on PS5 and PC by the end of 2020?

Bloodborne Remastered could even see the light by the end of this year exclusively on PC and PlayStation 5. Can we believe it ?!

In the last few minutes a very interesting rumor has exploded on the net: according to what has been stated by leaker Anton Logvinov on your official Twitter profile, Bloodborne Remastered would be currently in development. Also, it looks like the game may even be coming out later this year on PlayStation 5 and PC. Logvinov has already proved to be very reliable in the past, having unveiled the PC versions (then actually officially announced) of the Guerrilla Games open-world action, Horizon: Zero Dawn and the recent work of Hideo Kojima, Death Stranding.

It is plausible to imagine that Bloodborne Remastered may be in development at Bluepoint Games studios, already authors of the impressive remastered dedicated to Demon’s Souls (by the way, did you know that the title hides an unexpected secret ?!). Rumors related to the possible release of a remastered version of Bloodborne had already been released in the heart of summer and the rumors, curiously, also indicated in that case PlayStation 5 and PC as target platforms. During the last days of last May a fan had also discovered additional content cut from the final work.

The next most important event dedicated to videogames is the one represented by The Game Awards, under the direction of the usual and tireless Geoff Keighley. The live broadcast will start on the night of Friday 11 December (01.00 Italian time) and at this point we feel empowered to dream that Bloodborne Remastered can be officially unveiled for the occasion, perhaps through a short teaser or – why not – an explosive gameplay trailer able to excite us as happened for the Demon’s Souls Remake. Speaking of The Game Awards 2020, you have already taken a look at the official nominations? The absolute protagonist of the event could be The Last of Us: Part II developed by Naughty Dog, even nominated for the conquest of 8 different awards, including best soundtrack, best action game, best director and – of course – game of the year. From now on we have one more reason to wait anxiously for The Game Awards. Our fingers are crossed… Yours ?!