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  7. Is GTA 6 far away? An insider reveals when it will come out

Is GTA 6 far away? An insider reveals when it will come out

Is GTA 6 far away? An insider reveals when it will come out

The well-known insider Tom Henderson has revealed many new details on GTA 6, including the new setting of the game and the new protagonist.

Among all, GTA 6 it is certainly the title that has been talking about itself for the longest time, thanks not only to the incredible fame of Grand Theft Auto 5, the last chapter published in 2013 and which has survived three generations of consoles, but above all for the incredible quality who promises to present and to whom Rockstar Games we have always been used to it.

In recent years we have often dealt with rumor and rumors that dealt with this highly anticipated new chapter of the Grand Theft Auto series, and just over the past few hours a insider revealed what could be important new information regarding the Rockstar house title.

Tom Henderson, well-known insider that we remember above all for having anticipated some details on productions of the caliber of Call of Duty and Battlefield, has in fact unveiled what could be the new setting of GTA 6, with a hint to the next one as well hero (or rather, the next one) and to the release date of the game.

In an interesting video uploaded to YouTube, Henderson stated that GTA 6 could be set in one modern And revisited Vice City. The reason for this review, again according to the insider, would be to be found in the intention of wanting to implement a new version of GTA Online, action that would not be possible in a title set in the 80s.

Henderson also compares the map of the new GTA 6 with that of the acclaimed Fortnite Battle Royale. In fact, Rockstar would intend to continuously update the game map, after the launch of the title, including through the publication of some DLC.

The insider then reiterated the return of multiple protagonists within the game’s campaign. One of these, moreover, would appear to be one woman and would represent, effectively, the first female protagonist of the entire Grand Theft Auto series.

Speaking instead of release date, Henderson brings, unfortunately, bad news. According to the insider, in fact, the launch window of GTA 6 is nowhere near, and we would rather speak of an exit scheduled for the 2024 or 2025.