It is no longer necessary to have PS Plus to play online on PS4

Good evening everyone, the unimaginable has happened. 61 minutes ago, Sony announced that it will no longer be necessary to pay for Play Station Plus in order to play online on the Play Station 4 platform. It has been a surprise that has caught us all by surprise. Luckily for you, in writing we know the details about this important news. This decision had to be approved by the 3 most important positions in the company, the CEO, the main investor and the official part-time coffee carrier of the company. Our fellows have been able to find them and ask them what led them to that decision.

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The general manager has told us exclusively about what happened
“It was an ordinary day and suddenly, without receiving a call and no one threatening to kidnap my family, I thought about eliminating that abusive and exploitative system of making people pay for a service that should be free. Now, if I excuse me, I must go to my house to meet my family “

Regarding the main investor, whose clothes were stained with blood, he told us the following:
“Even if I am the one who puts the most money in this company, I have to contact my superior, Mr. Sat Hanas, every time there is an important decision. So I had to invoke him by gathering 1 copy of ET from the Atari without unsealing, blood by Gabe Newell, an image of Kojima kissing Konami, an original sealed Nier and the gold cartridge from the 1990 Nintendo World Championships, then burned it all. In the end, he replied that the online service should be free, because there is no more money in it. his house”.

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It is no longer necessary to have PS Plus to play online on PS4

And finally the porta-cafes, has declared the following:
“I have agreed to put online payment because it is what our consumers deserve. They have enough with not being able to play on the best platform in the world, the cubosphere game. Of course, now that there will be more players, no one is going to try to hack it, of course not. Of course it’s not possible … hehe “

The reactions have not been long in coming. There have been many demonstrations in the main cities of the world, especially in Vrutal City. The protesters were asking Sony to put the paid service back because paying for it is a constitutional right. Even so, the police have had to disperse protesters when they lit up, throwing copies of No Man’s Sky at them.

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Luckily for the public order, Sony has not been slow to respond:
“You will be able to play online without these subscribed to PS + from now on, but since we believe that our consumers should be scammed in some way, we are going to make some improvements, such as making the games that we give away with PlayStation Plus worse, avoiding spinners or that players have to pay to reload the game. “

Sony has shown the upcoming PS + games below:

It is no longer necessary to have PS Plus to play online on PS4

From the newsroom we send a message to all users, to ignore this commercial strategy and move on to the master race of the cubosphere game.

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