It is time for a change! DC reveals the new Batman

The world of DC is preparing to take us into the future. As comic book fans will already know, between January and February of next year the publication of Future state, a series that will take place in 2030, a future where the Superman, Batman and the Wonder Woman we know have abandoned their roles as heroes, and have relegated their positions to a new generation. Thus, It has been revealed who will be the next Knight of the Night in this medium.

As reported by IGN, Tim fox, the estranged son of Lucius Fox and brother of the former Batwing, Luke Fox, will be in charge of taking on the role of Batman during the events of the Future State: The Next Batman series. This story is written by John Ridley, writer of 12 Years of Slave, and will be illustrated by Nick Derington, known for his work on the Doom Patrol.

Below you can see the cover that stars the new Batman.

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It is time for a change!  DC reveals the new Batman

Although at the moment the consequences that this new Batman will have in future DC publications are unknown, the fact that a comic that will introduce a companion for Tim Fox is planned for the end of February 2021, it means that the company is considering keeping this new Batman on the pages for a long time.

Future State: The Next Batman will also feature recurring stories from the Batman family, all of which are focused on freeing Gotham City from the villain known as The Magistrate. These are: Arkham Knights, Outsiders, Batgirls, and Gotham City Sirens.

In this way, the Future State series is focused on Jon, who takes the role of Superman, Yara Flor, who will give life to a new Wonder Woman, and on Tim, the one in charge of maintaining Batman’s legacy. These posts are planned to be released between January and February 2021.