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Johnny English Strikes Again – Review, Rowan Atkinson is back

Johnny English Strikes Again – Review, Rowan Atkinson is back

Spy-fi is a cinematographic field which, precisely thanks to the general seriousness that distinguishes it, has always been …

Spy-fi is a cinematographic field which, thanks to the general seriousness that distinguishes it, has always been an appreciated source of distinctly comic works designed to parody the entire genre. Among the most famous works, it is difficult not to go back to those little gems of the Austin Powers or, again, to the same Johnny English starring the never too beloved Rowan Atkinson. After two excellent chapters released respectively in 2003 and 2011, Universal Pictures has this time entrusted the realization of a third episode of the series in the hands of the director David Kerr. With the collaboration of the screenwriter William Daviesis thus officially announced Johnny English strikes againa cinematographic work with release in Italian cinemas scheduled for 11 October 2018 and eager to conquer the public thanks to the genuine comic verve that has always distinguished the brand. We at Game Legends were able to preview it and now we are finally ready to give you our opinion about it. Will our famous British spy really make it back to the big screen in the dazzling form we all hoped for?

“My name is English, Johnny English”

On a night like so many others, the British spy agency MI7 is hit by a cyber attack which makes public the names and faces of all agents of the organization. In such a critical situation, the only available solution is to get those few retired spies back on track, agents quite advanced in years who have long since hung up their guns. Among these, obviously also Johnny English, who will be commissioned together with comrade Bought – played by Ben Miller – to find the culprit before the whole of England falls into total chaos. That of Johnny English strikes again is a narrative that from its very foundations presents itself to the public in a somewhat simplistic way. In fact, the film does not aim to offer an innovative or different adventure from what one might expect, preferring rather to rely on a linear and predictable structure, where it will only take a few minutes to understand the progress and conclusion of the entire adventure. The feature film in fact focuses all its cards on the humorous component that is the background to all the events, in fact representing its true beating heart. The film thus advances from gag to gag until it reaches the end credits, with an unexpectedly appreciable result.

Although it happens often that the characters come up with some slightly subdued skits, the numerous moments of lightness that the cinematographic work is taking more and more blatantly succeed in fact in the not simple task of entertaining the viewer. On numerous occasions it happens to find yourself with a marked smile on your face and the gluttonous opportunity offered by the contexts relating to modern technologies that leave behind those who fail to adapt, although already widely exploited on other occasions, has not been wasted. From the most advanced mobile devices to virtual reality, the film never misses an opportunity to compare our English with a world that is now totally foreign to him, with results that are nothing short of hilarious. There is no doubt that much of the credit for the success of the film is directly attributable to the protagonist himself, that Rowan Atkinson who, with his powerful expressiveness, manages to generate thunderous laughter even with a look full of charisma. It must be admitted that, with two films behind it, it happens occasionally to find oneself in front of some recycling, where jokes and gags have a bitter taste of already seen. We clearly speak of a small mole that does not affect the final result too much, but certainly the inclusion of more innovative ideas would have been more appreciable, at least in specific situations. That said, it is clear that the intent of the film is not so much to redefine the standards we were accustomed to with previous films as, rather, to draw heavily from them to give a familiar but always appreciable result. Fortunately, no less proved to be the work of photography and direction that between long shots and close-ups offers more or less frenetic moments but always perfectly followable by the public. Having seen the feature film in English, we cannot comment on the Italian dubbing, but we cannot hide the excellent interpretations of all the actors involved, which have managed to immerse themselves perfectly in their respective parts. At the same time, the soundtrack manages to worthily follow the action with pleasant and always captivating tracks.