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Just Die Already – Review, disturb the peace of young people

Just Die Already – Review, disturb the peace of young people

DoubleMoose strikes again: here is the Just Die Already review. Will it be the worthy spiritual sequel to Goat Simulator? Let’s find out!

Just Die Already it is a very particular sandbox, which we could define as a sort of Goat Simulator… but with the elderly. It is no coincidence that the developers are the same: we are talking about DoubleMoose Games, which in tandem with the publisher Curve Digital they decided to create a decidedly irreverent title, in which the protagonists are all middle-aged people. So you can expect a lot of black humor and “Boomer” dismemberments. Just Die Already is available on Steam after an Early Access period, but also on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. But what awaits us in this crazy title? Here is our Just Die Already review.

Boomers are fragile people

Just Die Already stars the Boomers. Who I am? By definition they are “Those who were born in the period of the economic boom of the 1950s”. Put simply, the over seventy year olds. Don’t expect the realism seen in Watch Dogs Legion, in fact all the elders of this game will be able to jump, run and losing control of the body due to the ragdoll.

The game has two modes, which will allow us to play in single and multiplayer. Of course, should you choose the second option, it will be even more fun, since chaos will be created around us. But the single player also defends itself well, but how? Well, the whole title is based on checklists to complete, but far from simple to put into practice. Yes, because the elderly are fragile people, you know … and for this reason every time you have to do something, you will risk your life. Even opening a drawer will be downright difficult in this sandbox! In what sense? Let’s just say if it is you open too hard you could lose your arm! The same is true for the rest of the actions, such as the jump, after which… you may no longer have legs.

When you start your game, you will have to choose “Which Boomer do you want to be” and after the selection you will find yourself in your bed. The first goal is therefore obvious and very simple: get out of the room. Well, simple for a very young person. In your case you will have to look for a golden key to open the door and a pointed weapon to break through wooden planks. Not only that, once you cross the threshold it will be very difficult to get out of the house, because the road will be dotted with electrified aquariums and various traps that will complicate your life. But what is theultimate goal of all the Just Die Already Boomers? Simple: nothing but ruining the daily life of young people. It’s not out of simple hatred, but because all the kids will try to corner you and treat you with no respect. So it’s okay to ruin the party, no?

How you do it? Using only two keys: Q and E. The first is for using the left arm, while the second is for using the right. These two buttons are all you will need to generate panic and chaos in the small town. You can take whatever you want, you will have to stay just be careful about the weight and how you will do it, since – as already mentioned – you could lose your arms. Of course, should anything happen, you can always crawl… or respawn. That’s all: Just Die Already is a mix of chaos and struggle between young and old.

Boomer or Millennial?

If you have played Goat Simulator, in Just Die Already you will find almost the same graphics, but much cleaner. Obviously this title does not focus everything on aesthetics and technical detail, but wants to give fun to anyone who decides to grab the pad and approach this title definitely crazy. As for the performance, during our test we did not find any kind of bugs, and thanks to its identity as a “light” title it can run even on PCs that are not high-end. The requirements are not prohibitive, but in case you can’t use them with Steam (just think of a Chromebook), you can play it effortlessly thanks to services like GeForce Now.

The soundtrack is very light and manages to accompany the player well in all his madness, as well as the sound effects, which often manage to get a laugh despite the terrible things we see on the screen. In short, the developers managed to create black humor not only with the dialogues (which are not dubbed in Italian, ed) but also with the actions we do or see other players do.

We could say that Just Die Already is a title that is not suitable for those who are very sensitive, as the studio had in a certain sense already made clear from the premises. The presence of black humor could really annoy, but it must be said that the title is definitely fun to play, unfortunately it is not possible to go beyond the jokes, since it is all a joke. It is also not a game that takes itself seriously, then it is unsuitable for those looking for a good story. The price of the game is 13.99 euros, so with a not too expensive expense you could approach a fun and crazy title, especially if you decide to buy it together with friends, so as to create chaos and to give a lot of annoyance to those “damned young people, always attached to mobile phones or electronic games”!