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Lenovo presents the new tablets and the innovative Smart Home

Lenovo presents the new tablets and the innovative Smart Home

Lenovo today presents several new tablets designed for all members of the family and new devices for managing your Smart Home.

Over the past few hours Lenovo delighted us with the presentation of many new ones Tablet dedicated to all those who, after this period of lockdown, are ready to rediscover their spaces and their moments of leisure, at a time when the distinction between time dedicated to relaxation and moments spent to work or study is becoming increasingly blurred.

Lenovo introduces devices today Smarter able to restore the distinction between private and business dimensions with high performance for each type of use: the new Lenovo Yoga Tab 13 designed for professionals and its companion suitable for the whole family, the new Lenovo Yoga Tab 11, the powerful tablet Android Lenovo Tab P11 Plus and the Lenovo Smart Clock 2 optimized to help you manage your day.

Let’s start with Yoga Tab 13, covered with a protective anti-fingerprint layer, the holder doubles as a hook and its innovative rounded edge design allows it to be used in different modes and positions, for truly hands-free viewing, from any room and angle.

Yoga Tab 11, the version with display smaller, designed to be more accessible, is available as an optional LTE version and has many of the entertainment and productivity features of its big brother. It is based on the powerful and fast MediaTek Helio G90T octa-core processor with UFS memory chip for superior quality video viewing, and blazing-fast speed for games, apps and browsing. Both models are then compatible with Lenovo Precision Pen 2.

Based on an octa-core CPU using the latest ARM technologies, Lenovo Tab P11 Plus provides advanced browsing and gaming experiences with MediaTek’s flagship G90T chipset and up to 6GB of memory. With a maximum of 12 hours of autonomy in streaming to follow entire seasons of TV series, you can have fun day and night. Enhance the user experience with the optional Lenovo Keyboard Pack for increased productivity.

Lenovo also today announces new tablets for the family by completing the third generation of its mainstream Android tablet, the new Lenovo Tab M7 and the larger Lenovo Tab M8, with a novelty designed to optimize the ambient mode of Google Assistant4, the Smart Charging Station available on some models. With an all-metal construction, clean lines and maximum portability, and multiple memory options, these devices are competitively priced and ideal for controlling your own Smart Home directly from the sofa.

Finally, we find the new Lenovo Smart Clock 2, built for the bedroom or for environments where a multifunction clock is needed. The updated design of this device designed for the management of your Smart Home, the seamless coating and compact size integrate with any type of furniture