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Live location is now available on Facebook Messenger

Live location is now available on Facebook Messenger

We have already seen it on Google Maps, and now Facebook has launched a new feature for its Messenger app where we can now share, for a limited time and completely privately, our live location with any of our contacts. The classics “I’ll be there in 5 minutes” or “I’m attacked in traffic” will no longer be excuses for those who are late, who, most of the time, are given the benefit of the doubt.

Programming this feature allows share location of the selected contact for one hour. That is the time limit and it cannot be changed, however you can choose to stop sharing this information at any time. In addition, the location can be shared with several friends at the same time, with 60 minutes for each one, or it can be shared with a group chat with the same time limit.

But we must not take this news as an attack on our privacy. Being able to share our location live has clear advantages in our way of relating. We can count on a clear idea of ​​the position of our friends for a meeting, or we can count on our closest contacts being able to locate us in an emergency or at night.

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How to use it?

Well, in order to use this feature we must follow the following steps, once inside the application:

Once the service is running, you will see the remaining time in a panel within the same chat. To stop the service you just have to select the option “Stop sharing location” or just open the person’s chat and press “Stop sharing”.