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Locke and Key: that’s when the second season comes out on Netflix

Locke and Key: that’s when the second season comes out on Netflix

The second season of Locke and Key will officially release next October. The announcement was made during Netflix Geeked Week.

The success of the new and first season of Locke and Key is now a thing of the past. Both the critics, but especially the public, have welcomed the show produced by Netflix enough to induce the famous streaming company to confirm a second season immediately after the release of the first.

Since then, however, little or nothing has leaked from the headquarters regarding the new episodes, the new protagonists or more (the third season has also been confirmed). But during the second day of the Netflix Geeked Week we have learned some big and important news.

The famous show based on the IDW comic series by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez (here you can find our review), it will be released in world premiere next autumn, precisely during the month of October.

In the tweet that you can see below, the cast of the TV series showed some of the images related to the second season of Locke and Key, also confirming the launch window in which it will be distributed.

The latest door is unlocked. Locke & Key Season 2 is coming this October. #GeekedWeek pic.twitter.com/fpmkpkAbK9

– Netflix Geeked (@NetflixGeeked) June 8, 2021

Below we leave you to the words released by Joe Hill, during a past interview, regarding his thoughts on the adaptation made by Netflix:

I loved the show and I loved what the show became. Carlton Cuse, who is the showrunner, is something of a television professor and has studied extensively both of Locke & Key’s later failed attempts at adaptation, trying to grasp the problem and solve the puzzle of why those versions did not work. . I think the Locke and Key comic is akin to a Harry Potter gone bad with more scares and more horror. Also I think some of the more important elements like fantasy have not been dosed well. In previous versions of Locke and Key there was 50% horror and 50% fantasy, while in the Netflix adaptation the mix is ​​made up of 75% fantasy and 25% horror, and this was the right mix to bring a great product.