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Mario Golf: Super Rush – Review, golf as you have never seen it before

Mario Golf: Super Rush – Review, golf as you have never seen it before

The heroes of the mushroom kingdom return to Green in a polished and in better shape than ever. Here is our Mario Golf: Super Rush review.

Ever since the most famous mustachioed plumber in video games set foot on the green with Golf And NES Open, the combination of sport and the kingdom of mushrooms has grown stronger every year. We have seen Mario, Luigi and Peach engage in almost all known disciplines, even competing on several occasions even in the Olympics. This year, after putting away the rackets of the excellent Mario Tennis Aces, the mascot of Nintendo back on the golf courses with Mario Golf: Super Rush, the latest incarnation of a long-lived saga that began on Game Boy Color, and which lands on Nintendo Switch in the most fun and dynamic way possible. Given the long golfing career that Mario and his team have behind them, the boys of Camelot Software they have in fact well thought, as you will discover in the review, to rejuvenate the formula we all know in Mario Golf: Super Rush, engaging our heroes in the speed golf variant. Will they be able to go straight to the hole?

Everyone to the Green, running!

Innovation and speed. These are the two keywords of the new chapter of Mario Golf, and we will realize it right away, as soon as we set foot in the Adventure mode. First of all, no Mario. In fact, we will meet again driving one of our alter ego Mii. After having generated a new one (or loaded an existing one), we will be catapulted into what is in effect a golf simulation in RPG sauce. Our goal will be to overcome the many challenges proposed by the inhabitants of the mushroom kingdom, always being able to count on two companions. Over what is the single player mode of the game we will therefore have to try to increase our statistics and learn as many special moves as possible to reach the coveted final trophy, including mini boss, timed rounds, and special challenge modes. Not a simple long tutorial mode, therefore, but a way to get familiar with the title, unlock maps and game modes, and create a very skilled Mii for use in multiplayer competitions.

Camelot Software’s innovation also lies in gameplay real. In fact, three-touch shots are abandoned for a more streamlined and dynamic two-touch shot, definitely more strategic: after starting the cursor, it will be necessary to choose the power, paying attention to the characteristics of our character, the club we have chosen, the direction of the wind and the type of terrain from which we are hitting, elements that will make it more or less problematic to stop the cursor without svirgolare the shot. Every decision will have to be weighed, whether to focus on power or accuracy, whether to risk the game or continue on the golf course more carefully. To achieve the perfect shot, the Nintendo Switch controls will come to our rescue: while we charge the power bar, we can tilt the left stick to give the ball a curved effect, useful for overcoming trees and various obstacles. Not only at any time we can use Rangefinder and Altimeter “framing” the point chosen to land the ball thanks to the motion sensor of your Switch. Finally, we will be able to choose, playing in docked mode, of use our Joycons like a real golf club. Definitely a fun system, as long as you give up the precision of traditional controls.

A sea of ​​possibilities

In addition to the adventure mode and the Free Golf, which is the most traditional and classic incarnation of golf, Mario Golf: Super Rush led us during the tests for our review to experiment with the innovative modes Speed ​​Golf And Golf battle. The first makes the underlying component of this sport dynamic and active, namely the movement between the holes. Hit the ball, we’ll have to run at breakneck speed to the point where it will fall to make the second shot. On the way, of course, we will have to clash with our opponents in a heart-pounding match that will reward the fastest player, but also those who have managed to complete the course with the fewest hits. Battaglia Golf, on the other hand, is certainly the most wide-ranging mode, rewarding the player who first completes three holes within a course that has nine, allowing a great variety of strategic choice on the best path to follow.

Beyond the adventure mode, the real heart of Mario Golf: Super Rush is multiplayer, and above all Speed ​​Golf will be the main choice with which players will face in the coming months. In our test, the game’s servers held up very well, allowing us to complete several matches smoothly. Net of some frame rate drop, the only discordant note were some freezes during the special shots made by our opponents, which affect the graphic quality for a few seconds. The multiplayer component is the one that we enjoyed the most, and that’s why we hope it will come supported in the coming months with new characters and new paths, which will allow you to vary the multiplayer experience a 4 players, both online and locally (choice between split-screen and turn-based mode).

Straight into the hole

Mario Golf: Super Rush, as emerged from this review, amuses and convinces. Starting from the longevity of the title, which goes from ten hours of adventure mode, to the unlimited potential of multiplayer, up to the new and interesting gameplay mechanics, passing through precise controls and convincing game physics. Speed ​​Golf and Battle Golf will keep you glued to the Nintendo Switch screen with Swing strokes, while the free mode will allow you to experiment and master the different courses, the wide variety of clubs and the 16 different playable characters. From a graphic point of view, we are faced with the usual painstaking work made in Nintendo, although Super Rush gives its best in portability: on the largest TV screens, in fact, smudges and some technical limitations are more noticeable, although these are minor defects.

Despite the merits, it is good to underline the presence of some defects. While the adventure mode may turn out to be excessively linear and a little hasty, especially on the final, i only 5 routes, not too different from each other, make the long-term experience not very varied, in addition to the fact that we would have appreciated a greater diversity of characters on the front of peculiar abilities. Finally, the inability to skip the kinematics of opponents’ shots could be annoying, especially after finishing a match in the lead. Nothing, however, that undermines thoroughly one of the funniest sports experiences to play on Nintendo Switch.