Marvel fan creates Xbox controller inspired by Thanos’ gauntlet

Modifying a piece of hardware can be quite laborious, but the result will always be something to admire. Whether we see something completely original, or inspired by previous work, almost all final products make us want them. On this occasion, a fan transformed his Xbox Elite controller into Thanos’ infinity gauntlet.

Through Reddit, the user mike24jd shared his process to modify the control and give it a visual touch that resembles the infinity gauntlet as much as possible. In the video that you will see below we can see how the Xbox Elite now it has a golden paint coating, as well as buttons of the same colors as the infinity gems.

I wired in 2 sets of LED lights to make this Infinity Gauntlet Elite Controller! xbox one

According to mike24jd, the hardware needed to modify the controller was priced at $65, and he commented that “it’s not cheap, but I had a lot of fun doing it.” Undoubtedly, any Marvel fan could pay upwards of $65 to have this item in their collection.