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Marvel’s Avengers: a glitch anticipates the arrival of Scarlet Witch?

Marvel’s Avengers: a glitch anticipates the arrival of Scarlet Witch?

A phrase triggered by a glitch in Marvel’s Avengers would seem connected to Scarlet Witch. That the character is coming with a DLC?

A conversation sparked by a glitch within Marvel’s Avengers suggests the presence of Scarlet Witch in the game. Could this be an upcoming content?

Phrases that are cut or not used within the game files have always been a source of interest for fans. They often serve to better understand the concept of a work or the way it was originally conceived with respect to the final version.

The signed title Square Enix since its release it has experienced some ups and downs, speaking of hospitality, but the software house is far from throwing in the towel. Despite some internal obstacles along the way, the game still seems to have its say.

In the case of Marvel’s Avengers, the dialogue was discovered by a user during a meeting with Zawavari while the user impersonated Thor. In the video that you can see below, you will notice that the sorcerer explicitly names Wanda, first name of Scarlet Witch.

It’s confirmed, not a bug, it’s intended

– 👑🐾 Marvel’s Avengers Updates (@PlayAvenger) August 18, 2021

Well, this is a pleasant surprise, Wanda. Don’t be afraid, you can get close.

Apparently, this is not a bug. The same user also claimed to have found similar episodes with a dialogue addressed to Loki within the French version of Marvel’s Avengers or, as in other cases, sentences that have as their subject Spider-Man, which as confirmed by Crystal Dynamics will arrive in the game by the end of 2021.

The next DLC will be titled War of Wakanda and will see the introduction of Black Panther in the game signed by Square Enix. Although the times may still be premature to talk about new content, the idea of ​​the arrival of Wanda Maximoff can be very interesting. Thanks to the airing of the recent TV series WandaVision on Disney +, the announcement of Scarlet Witch as a new character in Marvel’s Avengers would come at a good time. We will be waiting for further updates.