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Meet the new Amazon device: The Echo Spot


The amazon Echo Spot, it is called that, the smart speaker with an integrated screen from Amazon this is one of the devices that were seen at the event that he did amazon called echo amazon, which was organized in September of last year and now we will see some of its functions.

Some of the functions offered by this device is to use it as an alarm clock, obviously to use it as an alarm, make video calls, read some notifications, among other things. Its design is not quite pretty but it looks elegant, it is a bit big and has a round shape and it comes in two colors only, black and white. His screen is 2.5 inches, but something peculiar about this is its round-shaped screen, it is bright and it is pleasant to look at.

You can watch your video news report to stay up to date after waking up and you can read messages that are on the screen, it has silent mode to disable the camera and its built-in microphones. It must be said that he has Alexa, the voice assistant of amazon, which listens to the user and performs different actions depending on what is requested, such as playing music, searching the internet and other things.

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There are alternatives to this device, such as Google Home, although there is a difference in terms of functions and price, and they are designed for different purposes. In general, the device fulfills its function, but one thing we have to say is that the screen it has is a bit small, but other than that, there are no cons for this product.

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