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Microsoft Edge Review: Microsoft offers us an excellent browser

Microsoft Edge Review: Microsoft offers us an excellent browser

After months and months of waiting, of versions “canary” and “developer” then the betas arrived and finally very few weeks ago we have among us the new Microsoft Edge.

This is our review of the Microsoft browser which is now based on the open source Chromium project.

If they are interested we have a beta review done here at KomoGame.

Microsoft Edge is no longer an “IE in disguise”

That Scooby Doo meme has become obsolete, Microsoft Edge in this new stage is just as we mentioned at the beginning of the review a browser based on Chromium so its main engine is that, although this browser does have a compatibility mode with Internet Explorer .

Once we enter the Microsoft website or update our Windows 10, this new Edge replaces the previous one, although this only occurs if our Windows is updated.

The installation takes only seconds and once we start it we will see a screen that shows us the previous Edge logo and makes the transition to the new one, inviting us to try this new browser.

Overall appearance and first impressions

When we start this browser we will see a home screen that uses the Bing search engine as an information search tool, although it can be changed, the process will be explained later.

We have several views of that search and information screen, these are the following:

For convenience I use the “Focused” mode, but this is based on taste.

Continuing with the appearance of the browser being based on Chromium it does not differ much from Google Chrome, it even shares the format with it.

First impressions of Microsoft Edge

The new Edge is very fast, everything moves smoothly and no serious inconvenience is present when using it for many hours continuously.

What I do have to tell you is that at least in my case this browser did not allow me to share the content broadcast on it on my Mi Box S.

The solution was to activate different options within the now famous “flags” of all Chromium-based browsers, from that moment on I was able to reproduce the content of the browser on my TV Box with a great response.

This may be due to the fact that Edge does not have the casting functions activated, but the truth is that this may be due to another problem, who knows.

Easy to use

Getting used to this browser is a matter of minutes, the interface is very minimalist and everything is practically at a glance.

The options menus and other functions are clear although there is a great but, we may go crazy when we want change the search engine Bing for Google or another.

Actually it is not something hidden, but it would seem that yes, to change the search engine we must do the following:

We can even modify the present engines from that screen or add others.

Features and extensions

It is known that the extensions of the previous Edge conditioned it more than necessary, but here things change.

We can use the browser extensions or activating an option those of the Chrome Web Store with hundreds and hundreds of extensions and functionalities to use.

There are no complaints about the performance of these, although it will always depend on the type of extension.

Now let’s talk about the new features (and not so much) Microsoft Edge.


Before going to the synthetic tests we clarify the following, I have been using it since it came out (January 15) in its stable version and it is my main browser, I have no complaints, but strange things happen to this Edge lately, this is the list:

Apparently the problems are sporadic and depending on the hardware (I have an AMD RYZEN 5) with which perhaps all this does not happen to you or other things happen to you.

Synthetic tests

In the synthetic tests we can see that the improvement over previous generations is also noticeable in the numbers.

According to the synthetic tests, for example, an improvement is noted if we compare it with the old MS Edge.

If we talk about the previous version in the Basemark 3.0 Edge test it achieved just 164 points, today almost 343 points.

Before the Acid3 test achieved 89/100, now it goes to 97/100, that is, an almost perfect score.

Finally in the tests Google Octane 2.0 achieves about 20,965 points, before a slight improvement was noted, almost 25,000 points.

Synthetic tests say something the end user is not interested in

I am not saying that according to these numbers the new Edge is an excellent browser in performance, I say that because I have been using it for almost a month and it shows that everything is very fluid.

This Edge will definitely make people fearless of using a built-in Windows browser.

Although it also exists for Windows platforms prior to 10 how are Windows 8 / 8.1 or 7 and macOS from Apple.

The best of all is that a few hours ago it was also released for ARM64 and soon this year yours for GNU / Linux.

Last conclusions

I love this browser, look, I have tried practically all of them, my last browser had been Opera but I have noticed that it is becoming more and more loaded and does not offer the same experience that this Chromium-based Edge does offer me.

In favor of practically everything, congratulations to the team behind this browser because they have broken a meme and two myths.

Edge is no longer an IE with another skin, although it is true that if it weren’t for open source development, this browser would never see the light of day.

Its market share will tell if it is indeed accepted as a real alternative to Chrome (very difficult) or Firefox (which is sadly lowering its market share).

But yes, except for specific things that surely can be resolved with an update this browser it is fluid, fast and stable, something that has not been seen in a product of this class by Microsoft for a long time.

Download Microsoft Edge.