Microsoft patents new controller for the Xbox One with great improvements

The Xbox One It is the second best-selling console by Microsoft, the company is gradually gaining ground in some selected countries, perhaps for that reason the Redmond firm is working on new controls for the aforementioned console, according to new patents filed by Microsoft.

The current driver of the Xbox One It is somewhat discontinued, for that reason new controls with great improvements would come this year 2019; Microsoft filed a patent application in June 2017, this bears the name of ‘INPUT DEVICE WITH LINEAR GEAR RETENTION TRIGGATOR’ and was published by the USPTO On December 6, 2018, this patent is focused exclusively on improving trigger feedback.

A user input device includes a trigger that can be activated by the user and configured to pivot about an axis of the trigger, a rack-gear interface with the trigger that can be activated by the user, a force feedback motor that includes a drive gear interface with the rack gear and a posture sensor configured to determine a user-operable trigger posture on the trigger shaft. The force feedback motor is configured to drive the rack gear based on a force feedback signal, ”Microsoft explains in the patent summary section.

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In the patent request it was possible to know that Microsoft intend that the new game controller could include controls such as Triggers, joysticks, bumpers and directional padsIn short, this proprietary controller has been configured to drive the rack gear via a force feedback signal.

Source >> WindowsLatest