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Microsoft will include Cortana in Outlook for iOS and Android


The company microsoft has gradually added to Cortana email intelligence, but not yet integrated directly into the iOS and Android mobile app Outlook. Well, everything indicates that this will change, since many sources close to Microsoft’s plans have told TheVerge that the company is testing Cortana within the application of Outlook for iOS and Android.

Yes microsoft really integrates Cortana with your email software Outlook, will allow us to facilitate many things such as listening to and responding to emails with our voice, which is a very important functionality for selected moments. Mainly this function will be important when we are driving our car, or an action similar to this, it is for that reason that microsoft is testing the integration of Cortana in the mobile app of Outlook which will work through Bluetooth connectivity in order to read emails or messages aloud.

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At the moment he only knows that microsoft is testing this new functionality, and if everything goes as the company expects, this function should come out in a not so long time, beta version updates would start coming out in the Play Store for Android and the app store for iOS. From this blog we can deduce that it will be so, since many users have expressed their desire for a new update with this functionality to arrive soon on their mobile devices, since there are selected people who need this function in many cases, depending on the area of ​​work in that these are found. All the latest information, here at SolucionesWindroid!

Will this functionality be a resounding success for Microsoft? Write your review.