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Minecraft: unobtainable Alpha 1.1.1 found after 10 years

Minecraft: unobtainable Alpha 1.1.1 found after 10 years

After almost 10 years some players have found the very rare Alpha version of Minecraft 1.1.1, saved in an old hard drive.

In a world like ours where everything is ordered and there is almost always a dating for practically every object, it seems almost strange to say it but there is also a huge online catalog which contains the versions of many video games, including the countless Minecraft patches, and from today, thanks to a little help, also the very rare 1.1.1 session of the game.

They have passed almost 10 years, and the story we are about to tell you is somewhat bizarre but noteworthy especially for the human factor behind it.

But first let’s jump into the past in the distant 2010, when we still didn’t think at all about iterations like the Dungeon Crowler in the series, and the then newborn Minecraft was in its version 1.1.1, after a year of work by the developers. by Mojang Studios.

Well the aforementioned update was released to add some activities that many players today take for granted such as for example fishing in the game world. However, with the new features they also popped up, as is very often the case, too some very annoying bugs, one even game-breaking.

In fact, a bug was able to send the game code upside down and make a dangerous one appear gray screen on many devices. A very serious problem that the guys from Mojang Studios immediately took seriously and consequently immediately published the version 1.1.2 which was going to solve the problem, with the approval of all the players.

The intervention was nothing short of lightning because after just 3 hours and 25 minutes the code was overwritten by the new version and the patch was lost forever. Not a major problem for many casual players but a tragedy for those who invest their time in cataloging of the history of video games.

The story then seemed marked for this version of the game, when a user around Twitter noticed a very old status of a Minecraft player dating back to almost 10 years ago that reported the detail of a new mysterious update downloaded.

Lunasorcery is the nickname of this player, she was then contacted by the community and asked if she still had a some device that it could date back to that period and if it still contained that very old but prestigious version of the title.

Well the young girl after extensive research found it a file in Java game in an old and dusty hard drive of an antiquated laptop. The code corresponded to that indicated in the patch and by the way the whole update took place just 90 seconds before the developers overwrote it with version 1.1.2. So here is that Lunasorcery has published a thread with its path in finding the historic and very rare update.

With immense joy for all fans of video game history. The discovery, although it may seem a relative factor, is however a color event of great importance since it seems that Lunasocery is the only one to have until now a version of a game that cannot be found for anyone.