Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter Rise: Demo problems will not make it to the final version

Last week, fans around the world were able to enjoy the free demo of Monster hunter rise, one of the exclusive titles of the Nintendo switch most anticipated of the year. However, said demo did not arrive without errors, but calm, since Capcom promises to fix all the bugs and glitches that players found in the test.

In particular, demo players reported stuttering issues during online mode. The problem was notable enough that Capcom had to come out to say that the final version of Monster hunter rise I would not have this same problem. Similarly, users with an extensive list of friends also suffered from this same drawback.

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To customers who are using the trial version of “Monster Hunter’s DEMO”

– Monster Hunter Rise Official (@MH_Rise_JP) January 18, 2021

Via Twitter, the official game account confirmed that this bug has already been fixed for the final version of the title, so you don’t have to worry. It will be interesting to see what other details we will find in Monster hunter rise when I debuted on March 26 for Nintendo Switch.