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  7. Monster Hunter Rise: update 2.0 and DLC coming tomorrow, here are the news

Monster Hunter Rise: update 2.0 and DLC coming tomorrow, here are the news

Monster Hunter Rise: update 2.0 and DLC coming tomorrow, here are the news

Monster Hunter Rise is preparing to welcome the Title Update 2.0 and the first paid DLC: let’s discover together the new contents introduced.

The new Title Update, which will update Monster Hunter Rise to version 2.0, is coming tomorrow, April 28, 2021. Let’s find out together all the new content that this update will bring to the title developed by Capcom.

Monster Hunter Rise, with this update, will welcome in its already vast park of beasts Elder Dragon Teostra And Kushala Daora, in addition to the already announced Chameleos, two frightening and very strong creatures that will put users in considerable difficulty.

In addition, new missions are on the way where you can hunt new monsters Apex, like Apex Diablos and Apex Rathalos. The other Apex monsters, on the other hand, you can challenge them outside the missions Rampage.

Thanks to the Title Update you can count on new weapons and new free armor. You will be able to forge the Layered Armor. In short, the challenges are becoming more and more complicated and, consequently, a Andlevel equipment.

You can also unlock the limit ofHunter Rank. Once you have unlocked it, you will be able to earn points that will allow you to face the new missions and hunt new monsters introduced with the Update, as well as accessing upgrades for your armor at the Blacksmith.

In short, the title that has managed to sell 4 million copies since Day One (let’s talk about it in more detail here) wants to continue entertain its users also thanks to the introduction of new free content.

It is not over here, because tomorrow the arrival of the first is also expected DLC for a fee. Thanks to this additional content, you will be able to customize your character, through the introduction of new costumes, stickers and gestures.

In addition, gods will be introduced voucher, thanks to which you can quickly change the appearance of your character and even recreate it from scratch. The first of these vouchers will be free and you can redeem it through the Nintendo eShop.

New content, therefore, is about to invade the village of Kamura. We just have to deceive the wait in the best way, that is by recovering the our review of the blockbuster title (you can find it here).