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My Nintendo is coming in March. Yes it will be available in Mexico!

My Nintendo is coming in March. Yes it will be available in Mexico!

On par with miitomo, Nintendo it will also launch one of its new proposals in March. This is its renewed reward system, which will respond to the name of Nintendoit will be much more user-friendly and, even more important, it will be available in our country.

The present day Nintendo has disclosed in more detail how its reward system will operate. With a launch window for the month of March, the platform will be available to 39 different countries simultaneously, among which are nations such as Mexico, Brazil United States, Canada, Japanmuch of Europe, among others. In order to be part of it, it will only be enough for us to have a nintendo accountwhich will be launched in our region in the coming weeks.

Just like how it was in Club Nintendo, My Nintendo it will reward users albeit in a slightly different way. From the outset in this new format there will be two different points: platinum and gold. Platinum Points will be awarded to users while they play the mobile games, connect to the shop or meet certain requirements. For their part, the Golden Points will be exclusive to digital purchases of titles for Wii U Y 3DS.

Speaking of its use, platinum points can be redeemed for digital content, which could be extremely valuable to users. The gold points for their part can be exchanged for discount coupons for digital purchases in games of Wii U Y 3DS. Thus, Nintendo would be looking to offer its consumers a new meaning to value through fun and good deals.

In addition to these options, it is contemplated that Nintendo also have more services that will be added in the future. These would include some such as discounts and personalized offers per user, game or content recommendations, the possibility of purchasing directly from the website of Nintendoinformation management in the cloud, among others.

More than just rewards, the big N plans to make Nintendo a whole program that rewards its users even for playing. Well, the latter at least and for now within their mobile games.