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Netflix: all movie and TV series releases for May 2021

Netflix: all movie and TV series releases for May 2021

Also this May the Netflix catalog is updated, with the addition of new TV series and films that will enrich the streaming offer.

Like every month, also this May the catalog Netflix it will expand with many new TV series and movies. For a few hours, in fact, the account Twitter of the well-known streaming platform announced the news coming in a few days. Among the new entries, the second part of the fifth season of Lucifer and Love, Death + Robots 2, in addition to the docu-film about the soccer champion Roberto Baggio.

Among the new releases on the feature film side for this month there will not be many news. The title that mainly stands out is definitely The woman at the window, thriller based on the novel of the same name starring Amy Adams as a doctor suffering from agoraphobia. These are the main Netflix news for May:

As for the new TV series that we will see in the new catalog updated in May 2021, two series above all seem to be the most awaited: Lucifer 5 And Jupiter’s Legacy, based on a comic series of the same name. This is the list of the major new entries on the streaming platform:

As always, therefore, also for this May the additions on the Netflix platform are so many, and they certainly respond to the different tastes of users. also from the side ofJapanese animation, in fact, the arrival of Mirai day 15 will be a very welcome novelty, as well as Season 2 of What happened to Sara? and Season 2 of Ragnarok, arriving on the 27th.

So we just have to wait a few more days, waiting for all the news to be officially released on Netflix. Also this May we will surely have something to keep us company.

Sorry but in May we take holidays because we will be busy doing the following things:

– look at everything LUCIFER
– find out what happened to Sara
– see the film about Baggio, that is, do you understand? THE FILM ABOUT ROBERTO BAGGIO
– and then Master of None 3? cooosa? pic.twitter.com/WjdB26UX4B

– Netflix Italy (@NetflixIT) April 29, 2021