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Netflix Gaming: So you can play with your Netflix account

Netflix Gaming: So you can play with your Netflix account

For some time we have known that Netflix is ​​entering the gaming world, being of great attraction for all users who are somehow looking for something more than just watching streaming content. The developers of the app want to do everything possible for users to use their services, and that is why they have decided to create their own games; something that at first we did not understand too much.

Since in Spain and the rest of Latin America the games are now available within the platform, we have decided to create a post with the steps required to be able to play within Netflix; a very interesting approach but we do not know if it will have a future. In any case, we know that it is something new within the renowned audiovisual service.

Anyway, we are going to know a little about this world that Netflix is ​​now entering; so you can spend a different time within the app itself.

So you can play inside Netflix video games

It is necessary to understand that the Netflix account and app must be on your mobile device, without these minimum requirements you will not be able to enjoy the platform’s video games; which by the way have a certain relationship with titles as Stranger Things. On the other hand, we must take into account that in some users the “Games” tab is not yet available within the official app with the red letter “N”, but do not worry with the following steps, everything will be much simpler than expected. It seems.

Having everything ready, within the game it will ask you about your Netflix profile, which as we said before, the games will be strictly linked to the app. Once selected, we will have access to the video game without any setbacks, and the best thing is that we will have everything unlocked thanks to the fact that we keep a subscription on the platform.

It is important to mention that we have a somewhat limited catalog, and the graphics in general are very basic; so let’s not expect great things in this regard. We do not rule out that in the future, if everything goes well, this will improve considerably; It is also likely that there will also be an increase, due to this new gaming service that the company is now offering to its users.