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New battery issue on the OnePlus 6 after the latest update

Despite its short time on the market, the OnePlus 6 He has gone through various problems that have prevented him from growing even more. It has had problems regarding the issue of security, audio and software mainly. Now a new problem arises regarding the battery because of the last updaten of OxygenOS that has been released recently.

Many users have started to complain on the firm’s official forums that have had less autonomy than they normally had. Apparently it is not a little higher than normal consumption, but much higher. This is one of many complaints from the owners of this terminal.

The device does not stand out for its great autonomy, since it has only 3300 mAh on your battery. A capacity even below the average of the high-end smartphones on the market. There are users who claim that after updating to the latest version of OxygenOS which is 5.1.8 autonomy dropped to half. This seems to be caused by an adjustment in the way the terminal manages the battery it consumes. Some users comment that they say that their device turns off even when the battery of this terminal is above 50 percent.

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It is not only this problem in the battery, another small group of people have complained about a bug in the camera application, it freezes and repeatedly. It is certainly something of concern for users, it is recommended not to update to the latest version until this is fixed. It is very likely that the Chinese company has already realized this, so it will be fixed soon by another update.

Have you experienced these problems?