New concept of the iPhone with 6.1-inch LCD screen is filtered

From the beginning of the years there were many rumors about the new iPhone that the Cupertino company would launch, little by little these are becoming known based on rumors or leaks, unfortunately no data is official, but thanks to a leaked image today, we could get some idea of ​​what the next one will be like 6.1 inch iPhone. Know all the details!

As can be seen in the filtered image, the next iPhone that will carry a 6.1-inch LCD screen will have a front design very similar to that of the current flagship of Apple, because we clearly see the notch in the upper front frame, where the camera, the speaker and the technology of the Face ID. The front panel looks more like iPhone 8, since in this case we have a single rear camera along with an LED flash below it, in the center the logo of the bitten apple and underneath the name.

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The volume buttons would be present on the left side next to the sliding button, on the contrary, on the right side we would only have the on / off button. If this concept becomes real, we could be talking about Apple It has put aside its mobiles with the typical designs of large frames, and could launch its new devices with a similar design but with different screens. According to the latest rumors, the most expensive iPhone would carry a 6.5-inch OLED screen, which will carry 4GB of RAM and the 3D Touch function. We remind you that this concept is not official, therefore we recommend that you take this leak very carefully.

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