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New iOS 11 bug lets Siri read your notifications out loud


Despite the updates, the operating system of Apple for mobile iOS 11 it still has many bugs that are coming to light. Today, a new privacy bug surfaced for users who have third-party messaging apps installed on their devices. iPhone. Meet this new bug!

This new bug allows the virtual assistant Siri read aloud the content of the app’s notifications even though the user has hidden the preview of the notified information. The error will not appear in native system applications such as Messages, so SMS messages and text messages iMessage they will be safe. Mac Magazine was the medium that alerted about this new error, and that apparently is in all versions of iOS, including the beta of iOS 11.3.

Does my iPhone have this error?

You can check yourself if this error is found on your mobile device by simply following the steps below: Settings > Notifications > select an app (preferably a messaging app) > Show previews > and click when unlocked. By following all these steps ask Siri to read your notifications, different users have done these tests and have seen that the error does exist. Siri read the messages of the instant messaging application WhatsApp even though we have checked the “When unlocked” option.

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The users who are mainly concerned about this error, are the users of the iPhone X since this device is configured to hide notification previews, they are only shown with authentication Face ID. It is for this reason that this error could cause problems for the users of this mobile since the user’s notifications could be read without their consent, that is to say that Siri cannot distinguish between different voices, a function that is incorporated in the Threw out thanks to virtual assistant Amazon, Alexa.

What is the possible reason why iOS 11 is having many bugs?


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