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News Showcase, Google’s initiative for better journalism

News Showcase, Google’s initiative for better journalism

With Google News Showcase, users will now be able to learn about the best news from Colombia and the world.

It was in 2020 that Google News Showcase, an online news experience, was launched. and it is that thanks to this platform thousands of editors who participate in it, can share their knowledge and comments, offering an enhanced storytelling experience to all network users.

Due to new technologies, newspaper circulation has been falling for decades, and while the Internet has provided cheaper distribution, the business models of news organizations have been changing. Therefore, as Google assures, news organizations and governments must work together to enable a strong future for quality journalism and content that doesn’t interrupt access to the open web.

That is why we talk about the development of new commercial and distribution models and new techniques for producing news.

With Google News Showcase, publishers can present news featured in Google’s news products, currently Google News and Discover, in a unique way. Besides, more detailed narratives can be found and broader context with features like timelines within stylized news boards, related articles, and bullet points.

Every month, people click from Google Search and Google News results to publisher websites more than 24 billion times, that means that it is more than 9000 clicks per second.

What are the features of Google News Showcase?

At the moment, more than 700,000 users already follow their favorite News Showcase publishers, and more than 700 publications around the world are already part of this tool.

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