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Nintendo: a fan makes a giant Game Boy, the result is surprising

Nintendo: a fan makes a giant Game Boy, the result is surprising

A Nintendo fan decided to create their own oversized Game Boy, increasing its original size by 10x.

An important part of the charm of the Game Boy, when it was launched in 1989, was that it allowed people to carry for the first time ever video games always in your pockets. Subsequent incarnations of the handheld console of Nintendo have seen its design shrink, and in recent years there have even been working Game Boy themed keychains.

Today, a user has decided to overturn this formula, creating a Game Boy definitely oversize. Even though Nintendo hasn’t made a new Game Boy model since 2005, the popularity of the consoles has never waned. Only in 2021, in fact, there were several new games designed by enthusiasts and released specifically for the console.

However, it seems no one has ever thought about taking the handheld console and making one up to ten times its original size. Or, at least, until it arrived the YouTuber Grumpy Modeler. The modder calls his very personal console Game Man, and it’s easy to see why.

The original Game Boy could fit into the battery compartment of the huge new device, and the buttons are so large that anyone would have a hard time holding the A and B buttons down at the same time. This is a more powerful version of Nintendo’s portable system from the 1980s and, while it certainly can’t fit anyone’s pockets, the Game Man can work with internal batteries, so technically it can be taken anywhere.

For anyone more interested in making their own Game Man at home, Grumpy Modeler informs us that he made it by turning the headphone jack port into a AV port that can be connected to a TV, turning off the system’s built-in screen and essentially making it a huge controller. Not only that, the console is powered by one 9 Volt battery, which should allow for long gaming sessions. Who knows if coming out of this size, Nintendo’s first Game Boy would have had the same success.