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Nintendo apologizes for recent faulty Switch reports

In case you didn’t know, the Nintendo switch was out of stock almost everywhere in the world this year, and sadly, the Big N could not meet demand in time due to the crisis of the COVID-19. Now that their manufacturing factories have finally reopened, it seems they are facing a new problem: faulty consoles.

A new wave of Nintendo switch came to Japan recently, but to the bad luck of the Japanese, many of these consoles were defective at the factory. When starting the system, users were greeted with the error code ‘2162-002’, which unfortunately has no solution, so the only other alternative was to return it to the store where they purchased it.

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In this situation, Nintendo had to apologize and asked everyone who had the problem to please fill out a form detailing the problem, and once it had been submitted, the company would personally take care of restocking the Switch defective.