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Nintendo paid close to $ 6 million for the exclusivity of Monster Hunter Rise on Switch

As you surely found out, not long ago Capcom was the victim of a massive hack that compromised a ton of information about future company launches, including Monster Hunter Rise, which will come to Switch in March of the following year, but also for PC.

That’s right, the hack in question revealed that Rise will be temporary exclusive of Switch, and their arrival is anticipated at Pc on October 2021. Apparently, Nintendo paid close to $ 6 million for this temporary exclusivity, a figure that certainly gives something to talk about.

Interestingly, other documents reveal that Capcom internally argued that the game was entirely exclusive to Switch, suggesting that Nintendo I could have paid even more money to insure Rise. Eventually, Capcom preferred that the game was not limited to a single platform, and we can only wait for the official announcement about its arrival in PC.

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Monster hunter rise will come to Switch the next March 26, 2021.