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Nintendo removes controversial sequence of Fire Emblem Fates in America

Nintendo removes controversial sequence of Fire Emblem Fates in America

Fire Emblem Fates It’s not on sale yet, but apparently it’s already giving people something to talk about. Although many hoped that the game would reach our region in its entirety without undergoing any type of censorship, apparently this will not be the case since Nintendo has confirmed that it has had to alter some parts of the game as highly inappropriate. (SPOILERS)

The sequence in question to which the American affiliate of the big N mentions is related to one of the female characters of the version conquer of the game, Soleil. Within the plot, the girl repeatedly shows that she has a taste for women, to the point of even considering herself homosexual (although not explicitly).

As with the previous game, our protagonist will be able to interact with all the other characters and, if he is a man, he will be able to establish a relationship with women. In the case of Soleil and if we come to this last instance, the scene that was shown to us revealed that our character confessed to having placed a magic powder in her drink, which made her see men as women and vice versa.

Although our protagonist did it with the intention of giving confidence to Soleil so that she could better socialize with the girls, at the end of the day she ends up confessing that she had fallen in love with the hero, at least in his female version. However, and after she finished the effect of the powder, the girl admitted to being equally in love with the male counterpart of the character.

As explained Nintendothey decided to remove said sequence and alter the scene so that it did not show these dialogues since they implied that they would have cured the homosexuality of Soleil through drug use. For this reason and to avoid controversy, they chose to make the change.

This would not be the first time that a game in the series has been affected by censorship. Let’s remember that Fire Emblem: Awakeningthe previous installment, also suffered from it after it was confirmed that one of its illustrations had been altered as it was considered very suggestive.

Until now, it is unknown how they altered this sequence of the game or the dialogues that they included instead of the ones previously exposed. Likewise, it is unknown if this was the only thing that received some kind of change or if there are more scenes that have suffered from certain censorship. We’ll find that out in a few weeks when the game is released.